Ceramic Tile Murals

Why Choose Us

All images were photographed by me, Thomas Hamilton and taken with a 21.1 mega pixel camera (Canon 5D Mark II and a 30.4 mega pixel Canon 5D Mark IV). These cameras provides an incredibly large image to start with. I only use Canon L series lenses (Canon’s best) for razor sharp images. I then resize my photographs with Perfect Resize®, the latest and best in image resizing technology. This ensures that your ceramic tile mural will have the WOW factor at any size.

All ceramic tile murals are carefully and skillfully hand imprinted by me, Thomas Hamilton. Other companies use jigs to mass produce their murals, which causes them to have to use a 1/4" to 3/8" bleed. I use 1/8" or less bleed. By reducing the bleed, our murals have a tighter, more seamless look.

When you push the "View Mural" button, you are looking at the EXACT crop demension of that ceramic tile mural and EXACTLY the way that image is cut up for the imprinting of the individual tiles. Take, for instance, the Snowy Egret and Lorikeet Ceramic Tile Murals; at no point do the "cut" lines go through an eye (which would look horrible). Just one little detail among many that make Hamilton Art the standard for excellence.

I, Thomas Hamilton, personally inspect each tile and ceramic tile mural before they are shipped. We also ensure that tiles are packed in order to help your installation process go smoothly. When you order from Hamilton Art, you are sure to get a unique mural that is exclusively offered at Hamilton Art.