Ceramic Tile Murals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your checkout secure?

   A: Yes, we use PayPal - the most widely trusted online payment method.

Q: Am I able to see the quality of the tiles before ordering?

   A: Yes, you are welcome to order a sample tile from any of our murals. The cost including shipping is:

   $10 for 4.25” tiles

   $17 for 6” tiles

   $23 for 8” tiles

Q: Do you offer custom sizes for your murals?

   A: Yes, we will be happy to make you a customized size, providing that the original image will be able to maintain its superior quality (resolution and clarity).

Q: Where can I install a ceramic tile mural or accent?

   A: Our ceramic tile murals can be installed on any interior wall, such as: kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc. They can also be installed on a fireplace as long as the temperature never reaches or exceeds 350 degrees F. They can also be installed outside as long as they never come in contact with DIRECT sunlight.

Q: What tile finish would you recommend for a stove backsplash?

   A: For easy cleanup, we recommend a glossy or satin finish; matte finish is more porous and may absorb grease splatters. We recommend the same finish for ceramic tile murals installed in showers.

Q: How should I care for my ceramic tile mural?

   A: Clean your ceramic tile mural with a mild soap or detergent and water, anything nonabrasive. NEVER use abrasive cleansers to clean your mural.

Q: What grout should I use to install my ceramic tile mural?

   A: We recommend a sandless grout; sanded grout may damage your mural. Make sure to choose a color grout that best enhances your mural’s appearance. I would stay away from dark colored grout.

Q: What are the exact dimensions of the tiles you offer?

   A: We use the best tiles in the indrustry with built-in spacers.

   4.25"x4.25" = 4.3125" x 4.3125" x .25"

   6"x6" = 6.0625" x 6.0625" x .25”

   8"x8" = 7.8125" x 7.8125" x .25"

Q: How are your murals packaged?

   A: Each mural is shipped as set of tiles with each tile containing an instillation identification number (row number and column number) on the back. A packing slip containing a mural map is also included. For larger murals,     each box is numbered in installation order for your convenience. Each tile is individually wrapped and packed in the order that you need for installation. Murals should be installed from the bottom to the top. For your convenience, when you open the top of box 1, you will see your mural map and your first tile, A-1.

Q: How do I cancel an order?

   A: If you have placed an order and wish to cancel before production, you will simply receive a full refund; your card was charged at the time of purchase. If you wish to cancel an order after production has begun, you will only receive a 75% refund; 25% covers the restocking fee. Each order is custom made to your personal specifications; therefore, the chance of someone else ordering the exact mural is highly unlikely.

Q: What is your return policy?

   A: If, for some reason, you are not happy with your mural, it may be returned with some restrictions. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization from Hamilton Art. You will be responsible for the return shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Tiles that are damaged – in any way – may not be returned. All return orders must be shipped via UPS and insured to their retail value within ten days of receiving them.

Q: What happens if my mural is damaged during shipping?

   A: If your mural is damaged upon arrival, Hamilton Art must be notified within 24 hours of arrival. We will reproduce and re-ship the tiles at our expense. You must keep all damaged tiles and packing material for shippers inspection and pickup; we will make a claim with the shipper. All orders are shipped with UPS and are insured, but your cooperation with UPS is necessary for us to file a claim.

Q: What happens if a tile is broken during installation? Can it be replaced?

   A: Yes, simply contact Hamilton Art with your order number and tile number (each tile has an instillation identification number on the back). We will reproduce that tile at the cost of shipping plus: $9 per tile for 4.25” tiles $15 per tile for 6” tiles $21 per tile for 8” tiles If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at tom@hamiltonart.net or call 256-872-5783.